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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
(+46) 322.170.71

Not your typical charity

Independence, freedom and agency over your life

We are the central-hub for anyone seeking information about Adaptive Mountain Biking in Australia and provide opportunities for people with disabilities to engage with the wider community. We run beginner-experienced camps, clinics and social group rides to help people connect with the outdoors and experience areas thought to be inaccessible by people with disabilities.

Helping people with disabilities live healthier and happier lives by using adaptive off-road cycling and trail walking as a way to break their physical, social and mental boundaries.

Free Membership


Membership is open to anyone and everyone, with or without a disability!  Members have several benefits including the right to vote at General Meetings.

  • Non-participating
  • $ 0 per year
  • People wanting general updates on programs, events and developments.

    • $0/ year
    • email newsletters
  • Participating
  • $ 0 per year
  • People anticipating participation in future events, including companions.

    • $0/ year
    • email newsletters
    • 5% OFF event registration


  • Volunteer
  • $ 0 per year
  • People volunteering at any upcoming events. Support rides, general hands etc.

    • $0/ year
    • email newsletters
    • FREE event registration
    • FREE in-house training and support


  • Organisations
  • $ 160 per year, $80 there after
  • Industry professionals, trail builders, clubs, associations, charities etc wanting to advance events, trails and programs.


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