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Adaptive MTB Trail Register

Trail Rating System Explained

The ATR System assesses the level of accessibility of mountain-bike trails and their associated amenities for adaptive riders.

Each trail and amenities element is rated individually to provide specific information regarding accessibility for adaptive mountain bike riders. The level of accessibility (rating) allows users to determine which trails are best suited for their ability and equipment.

The rating is broken down into two components, trails and amenities, each of which has 5 elements that are individually scored in line with the Adaptive MTB Guidelines.

An information summary sheet is generated for each trail that has been assessed. Simply check out our register and download the free information guide to help you plan your next adventure!

Find rated trails near you…

To view trails that have been rated for their accessibility level, click on the Australian map and start searching the list of trails in your area.

Generally speaking…

Each element is rated on the scale below. Specific measurement ranges and detail is provided on each data summary sheet.
5 Fully Accessible/Available (90-100%) A
4 – 4.5 Highly Accessible/Available (81-90%) B
3 – 3.5 Mostly Accessible/Available (61-80%) C
2 – 2.5 Partly Accessible/Available (41-60%) D
1 – 1.5 Minimally Accessible/Available (21-40%) E
0 – 0.5 Not Accessible/Available (0-20%) F

Want to help rate trails?

The ATR system enables auditors with, and without a disability to systematically rate a trail and provide information for adaptive riders.

1. Download

Purchase and download the Guidelines and working resources.

2. Audit

Conduct the trail audit using the Guidelines process and worksheet.

3. Upload

Save an electronic copy of your worksheet and upload to our server.

4. Review

Re-audit after 12 months or when the trail has significant changes made.